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Founded in 2010, TAKTL LLC formed with the goal of designing, and manufacturing repeatable, affordable ultra-high-performance-concrete (UPHC) products. Offering a portfolio of exterior wall elements and facades, interior wall panels, and urban furnishings and lighting, TAKTL’s products take advantage of the strength, wear resistance, light weight, and longevity of UPHC. Based in Western Pennsylvania, TAKTL has a team of over 170 people with 30 years of experience in manufacturing, materials research, and design. With a proprietary formulation utilizing local materials, TAKTL’s UPHC products are structurally comparable to steel, and do not contain the capillary pores that make traditional precast or glass-reinforced concrete susceptible to degradation over time.


TAKTL® Panels allow for subtle, or dramatic articulated facades that are easy to install. TAKTL’s standard textures and colors can add richness and character to cladding on existing or new construction, and are an excellent material for ventilated facades. TAKTL panels are a great alternative to GFRC, traditional pre-cast concrete, high-pressure laminate, terracotta, and stone. TAKTL Panels are reinforced with alkali resistant-glass fiber and two layers of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh. Panels are cast utilizing a process that yields an intrinsic pattern and finish. Additionally, special surface effects can be created with aggregates and/or a variety of mediablasting techniques. A hydrophobic, breathable finish is applied to all panels before shipment, which does not affect their rich, natural appearance.