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Founded in Japan in 1956, Nichiha first began operations as a hardboard manufacturer, supplying dashboards, and components for the automobile industry. It has since spent nearly 40 years pushing the limits of fiber cement, and now offers the industry’s most complete range of interior, and exterior fiber-cement building products. With over 800 variations of architectural wall panels, premium siding products, essential flashing systems, and accessories, Nichiha’s line of high performance fiber-cement products is in great variety. They also contain the lowest levels of silica in the industry, substantially reducing the amount of post-industrial waste involved in the manufacturing process. Nichiha Corporation is a global manufacturing company with more than 13 plants scattered across 3 countries, and opened its American branch, Nichiha USA, in 1998. Nichiha USA operates a state-of-the-art, 300,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Macon, Georgia.


With an ever-expanding offering of finishes, and textures, Nishiha fiber-cement wall panels can complement nearly any style, from traditional to ultramodern design. Featuring a sophisticated drained, and back-ventilated moisture management system, Nishiha wall panels are also engineered to resist rotting, warping, and insect damage. In addition, Nishiha’s award-winning installation system requires no special tools, minimizing time, and expenses. Concealed clips, and fasteners provide Nishiha’s wall panels with a clean, and uninterrupted appearance. The three protective coatings that come standard with every product ensure a consistent appearance over time. Nishiha panels can be installed on most common substrates: wood framing, concrete, and masonry, structural insulated panels, and metal frame construction. The recycled content in Nishiha panels can also provide LEED credits.