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With customers in over 100 countries and 57 manufacturing locations, GCP Applied Technologies has combined decades of experience with partnerships with a broad range of companies, governments, and trade groups to become a leading supplier of the building industry. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, GCP’s portfolio of construction products includes concrete and cement additives, building materials, and technologies. Since introducing the industry’s first self-adhering roofing product in 1978, GCP has become one of the most trusted sources of building materials to protect structures from wind-driven rain and ice dams.


GCP’s Grace roofing underlayment products are used to protect buildings in extreme climates all around the world, and can meet even the most demanding design requirements. Grace underlayments seal aggressively to roof decks to create a watertight bond and prevent water migration, tightly bonding to roof fasteners to prevent leaks and covering vulnerable overlaps for superior water-shedding. Grace Ice & Water Shield®, the original self-adhered underlayment, has been installed on more than two million homes to date. Grace Ultra™ features a butyl adhesive that delivers unmatched thermal stability, and can be used under copper, Cor-Ten® steel, and zinc roof coverings. Grace Ice & Water Shield® HT is formulated to be more thermally stable, and is ideal for use under metal roofing or in high-temperature roofing assemblies. Grace Select® is a lighter, simpler alternative to granular surfaced underlayments.